Saturday, October 07, 2017

The DGBS Halloween Marathon - Part 1

Yes! And we're back! I apologize for the lack of updates, but as any fan of the channel knows, Halloween is very important to me, and I would never miss it.

So - to kick off our yearly marathon, we've got out first wave of horrors to take in. I tried to select a nice array of Tales Of The Supernatural. Films about ghost, goblins, witches, devils, demons, and other nameless terrors. Some interesting things here, some classics, as well as some that you maybe forgot about.

Enjoy the Marathon, and expect another update next weekend, when we'll have out Monster Block, with Vampires, Zombies, Mummies, Werewolves, and other beastly fun. Then we'll blast through our Franchises of Freaks, and finish up with the Classics Of DGBS Halloween.

Beyond The Door.1974.Part1.nsv
Beyond The Door.1974.Part2.nsv
Night Of The Cobra Woman.1972.Part1.nsv
Night Of The Cobra Woman.1972.Part2.nsv
Abominable Dr Phibes.1971.Part1.nsv
Abominable Dr Phibes.1971.Part2.nsv
Dr Phibes Rises Again.1972.Part1.nsv
Dr Phibes Rises Again.1972.Part2.nsv
The Amityville Horror.1979.Part1.nsv
The Amityville Horror.1979.Part2.nsv
Sleepy Hollow.1999.Part1.nsv
Sleepy Hollow.1999.Part2.nsv
Serpent And The Rainbow.1988.Part1.nsv
Serpent And The Rainbow.1988.Part2.nsv
The Manitou.1978.Part1.nsv
The Manitou.1978.Part2.nsv
The House of Seven Corpses.1974.Part1.nsv
The House of Seven Corpses.1974.Part2.nsv
The Dunwich Horror.1970.Part1.nsv
The Dunwich Horror.1970.Part2.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part1.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part2.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part3.nsv
Satans Storybook.1989.Part1.nsv
Satans Storybook.1989.Part2.nsv
From Beyond The Grave.1973.Part1.nsv
From Beyond The Grave.1973.Part2.nsv
House Of The Dead.1978.Part1.nsv
House Of The Dead.1978.Part2.nsv
Tales Of The Third Dimension.1984.Part1.nsv
Tales Of The Third Dimension.1984.Part2.nsv
Tales From The Darkside - The Movie.1990.Part1.nsv
Tales From The Darkside - The Movie.1990.Part2.nsv
Tales From The Crypt - Demon Knight.1995.Part1.nsv
Tales From The Crypt - Demon Knight.1995.Part2.nsv
Demon Wind.1990.Part1.nsv
Demon Wind.1990.Part2.nsv
Demons of Ludlow.1983.Part1.nsv
Demons of Ludlow.1983.Part2.nsv
Demons 2.1986.Part1.nsv
Demons 2.1986.Part2.nsv
The Shining.1980.Part1.nsv
The Shining.1980.Part2.nsv
The Shining.1980.Part3.nsv
The Pit.1981.Part1.nsv
The Pit.1981.Part2.nsv
Deadly Blessing.1981.Part1.nsv
Deadly Blessing.1981.Part2.nsv
Something Wicked This Way Comes.1983.Part1.nsv
Something Wicked This Way Comes.1983.Part2.nsv
Lair Of The White Worm.1988.Part1.nsv
Lair Of The White Worm.1988.Part2.nsv
Dolly Dearest.1992.Part1.nsv
Dolly Dearest.1992.Part2.nsv
Children Of The Corn.1984.Part1.nsv
Children Of The Corn.1984.Part2.nsv
The Gate.1987.Part1.nsv
The Gate.1987.Part2.nsv
Night Of The Demons.1987.Part1.nsv
Night Of The Demons.1987.Part2.nsv
976 Evil.1988.Part1.nsv
976 Evil.1988.Part2.nsv
Puppet Master.1989.Part1.nsv
Puppet Master.1989.Part2.nsv
The Stuff.1985.Part1.nsv
The Stuff.1985.Part2.nsv
From Beyond.1986.Part1.nsv
From Beyond.1986.Part2.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part1.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part2.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part3.nsv
Paganini Horror.1989.Part1.nsv
Paganini Horror.1989.Part2.nsv
The Occultist.1987.Part1.nsv
The Occultist.1987.Part2.nsv
Rock And Roll Nightmare.1987.Part1.nsv
Rock And Roll Nightmare.1987.Part2.nsv
The Tomb.1986.Part1.nsv
The Tomb.1986.Part2.nsv
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.1988.Part1.nsv
Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers.1988.Part2.nsv
Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh.1990.Part1.nsv
Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh.1990.Part2.nsv
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark.1988.Part1.nsv
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark.1988.Part2.nsv
House of Horrors.1946.Part1.nsv
House of Horrors.1946.Part2.nsv
The Black Castle.1952.Part1.nsv
The Black Castle.1952.Part2.nsv
Curse of the Crimson Altar.1968.Part1.nsv
Curse of the Crimson Altar.1968.Part2.nsv
Baron Blood.1972.Part1.nsv
Baron Blood.1972.Part2.nsv
Lemora - A Childs Tale Of The Supernatural.1973.Part1.nsv
Lemora - A Childs Tale Of The Supernatural.1973.Part2.nsv
The Devils Hand.1962.Part1.nsv
The Devils Hand.1962.Part2.nsv


OutbackMaine said...

Gentlemen ... Behold!

von.wittg said...


Branko said...

Heck yes.

Trilkhai said...

Woohoo—I've been looking forward to this!

DoughyGuy said...

(Sigh) Stream's down again at the source, folks, and I can't access the website to reset it... sorry, but I'll keep an eye on the website to see when it comes back up

DoughyGuy said...

Never mind, just restarted, lol.

BaabHimself said...

Nice work! Looks like it started from the beginning again.
Thanks for all the hard work on this...a multitude of people appreciate it!

von.wittg said...

seconded! :)

von.wittg said...

btw, i posted abt the new playlist @ google+ this evening, so if there was a traffic surge (& if that caused the crash), that might have been why

DoughyGuy said...

No, it was probably a movie file, and I think I know which one it was. I removed it from the playlist, but unfortunately, I had to start the playlist all over again (there's no option to start a playlist somewhere in the middle). The only other option is to rebuild the playlist, so that's what I'll do if it stops again.

DoughyGuy said...

And, the channel is down again. Really sorry about this, but I'm glad I'm home to keep an eye on it. Stay tuned folks - hopefully I'll get this fixed very soon!

BaabHimself said...

Last time it crapped the bed a few minutes into Tales From the Darkside...if that helps you any?
Best of luck!

DoughyGuy said...

That's the one I suspected was bad, and I removed it (vague memories of that happening last year). But this time the whole server is down. I can't log on to edit or restart the playlist at all, so I'll have to wait it out I suppose. But thanks for the heads up - I'm glad my intuition about that file paid off.

We'll be back!

Ambrose said...

On the off chance you see this before you learn it elsewhere, the stream is down again, and has been for at least four hours prior to this post. It's not just your stream on port 8380, for when I pinged (and ran nmap on it) the whole server was offline. The site responded with this when I clicked on their Tune-In Player: "Try Later. Station Offline." In any event, thanks for the update, and thanks for everything you do for your viewers. We really are out here!

CartoonSteve said...

Friday the 13th and the stream is still down. Hope all is OK. Other channels like ASI Q-77 and 99 are playing OK but really miss my DGBS!!

DoughyGuy said...

^^ I know what I'm doing on Friday night!

Sorry guys - still no luck with getting the station back up. Support hasn't contacted me back yet, but I'm still waiting. Sucks that we're missing the best of the Halloween season with this nonsense. As soon as we're back up we're gonna have the marathon - Halloween or not! 4 Weeks straight of Horror Movies!

But first, the channel has to come back up. I check it multiple times every day, so as soon as it's back, we'll be back up.

BaabHimself said...

She's dead Jim...

DoughyGuy said...

She is - they aren't getting back to me, and ultimately I have no control.

But I always loved a good zombie movie :) I'll keep badgering them.

BaabHimself said...


DoughyGuy said...

Ok then! We'll see how long it lasts and I'll start uploading the next playlist, and try to have it going by late Friday. We'll have to pretty much have a "Greatest hits" kinda thing because we only have 4 days left, but I will try to make it count.

von.wittg said...

"Virgil Brigman back on the air" - useful film quotes from 'the abyss' 1989 ^__^!

diego.a said...

How much does it cost to keep the server(s) up each month? Or did they give you an annual contract?