Friday, September 15, 2017

DGBS Update 09/15/17

Hey guys, here's what's going on...

A little after Labor Day I noticed the stream went down. For some reason around holidays the stream has a higher percentage chance of crashing, and the website's controls are unreachable. I can't even reach the FTP to upload new stuff (which I was going to do today for this weekend)

I expected it to come back up by the end of the week. It has not, and I don't know when it will be back up.

So please be patient and check back here for more updates. In the meantime I have more time on my hands these days, and I was planning on working on more content more often. I will see what happens with the channel, and I'll continue working on stuff in the background.


astadt said...

We miss you! We hope you get back up soon!

von.wittg said...

good to hear from you! was getting worried; glad it is technical problems & not anything in your life.

also glad you aren't abandonning the project.

the anime .nsv stream 'channel 99' seems to have "gone dark" :(

& i can't find anybody who's keeping an online directory of current .nsv streams anymore

best, & look forward to dgbs being back on the air! :)

diego.a said...

The Anime stream, Channel 99, can be reached at:;stream.nsv

They were using that for Channel 101 (documentaries), but they are using it for Channel 99. I don't know why. More info:

ASI Movies is showing sci-fi and other stuff. Lost in Space, Knight Rider, M*A*S*H:;stream.nsv

On the weekends, Q77 sometimes works. Classic US and British shows:;stream.nsv

Trilkhai said...

I'd noticed DGBS's tendency to go down around holidays, too; I figured your hosting provider's tech support was perhaps a bit too tipsy/hung-over to notice right away. *g*

Looking forward to your next playlist! (If you need any extra material, you might try "The Gamers" and/or "Dorkness Rising" by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment; they're fun little spoofs of D&D.)

Dr. X. said...

No problem. I'm very grateful for your efforts, and I'm still enjoying your Channel thoroughly.

von.wittg said...

many thanks! @ diego; managed to find the new channel99 stream shortly after posting that.

already had asi & q-77 bookmarked, but it's good to share the info :)

we (or somebody) should get together & create a resource site with .nsv stream listings again.

it's never been the same since nullsoft shut theirs down; & even is long gone now.

i think, if there was a directory to make the streams FINDABLE again, we might see an increase in useage.

.nsv is actually a pretty good container & format; VERY basic, very simple, low-demand on bandwidth & resources. nullsoft made a huge mistake not developing it further.

von.wittg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
von.wittg said...


he's back!

D.G.B.S. is on the air!

online, anyway

welcome back doughy guy!


we really missed you, & it was boring on here w.o you.

von.wittg said...

(god it would be lovely if i could find out how to edit my comments on here, instead of having to delete & retype! or keep adding new ones >__< & xD)

Unknown said...

VLS will not play nsv videos anymore.

von.wittg said...


hey; if you mean 'vlc player' it does, or it should. you just need to have the right codecs & the right settings.

mine works (latest vlc on linux>ubuntu & on linux>knoppix); & with a number of streams, not just dgbs.

what exactly happened when you tried to play the stream?

Josh said...

Wow. Comment section is actually getting some use. DG is going to have to go more social. Twitter FB, etc...LOL One of the hidden gems on the web so perhaps not.

Yap, good to see the old stream service is backup.

BaabHimself said...

Please oh please come back! I am lost without the DGBS Halloween Marathon at work...
How many goats do I need to sacrifice for this to happen?
(That's a joke)

DoughyGuy said...

Stay tuned folks - Saturday night we kick it off...

Event Horizon Internet Radio said...

Q-77 TV @ new location.