Saturday, March 25, 2017

DGBS Playlist 3/25/17

Hey folks! Haven't forgotten - just been busy... Here's some good stuff for you - new stuff, old stuff, weird stuff. I think you'll like this. I'll see what I can come up with for next time, but meanwhile - Enjoy!

SCTV.Doorway To Hell.Part1.nsv
SCTV.Doorway To Hell.Part2.nsv
SCTV.Towering Inferno.Part1.nsv
SCTV.Towering Inferno.Part2.nsv
SCTV.Peoples Global Golden Choice Awards.Part1.nsv
SCTV.Peoples Global Golden Choice Awards.Part2.nsv
Frankenstein Created Woman.1967.Part1.nsv
Frankenstein Created Woman.1967.Part2.nsv
Dragon Against Vampire.1985.Part1.nsv
Dragon Against Vampire.1985.Part2.nsv
Dungeons And Dragons.2000.Part1.nsv
Dungeons And Dragons.2000.Part2.nsv
Dungeons And Dragons.2000.Part3.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E01.The Way Back.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E02.Space Fall.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E03.Cygnus Alpha.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E04.Time Squad.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E05.The Web.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E06.Seek Locate Destroy.nsv
Blakes 7.S01E07.Mission To Destiny.nsv
Secret Shaolin Kung Fu.1979.Part1.nsv
Secret Shaolin Kung Fu.1979.Part2.nsv
Uncle Buck.1989.Part1.nsv
Uncle Buck.1989.Part2.nsv
Scoobys All-Star Laff-A-Lympics.1977.Part1.nsv
Scoobys All-Star Laff-A-Lympics.1977.Part2.nsv
Wonder Woman.Fausta The Nazi Wonder Woman.nsv
Wonder Woman.Meets Baroness Von Gunther.nsv
Wonder Woman.Versus Gargantua.nsv
The Invisible Man.1933.Part1.nsv
The Invisible Man.1933.Part2.nsv
Sword of the Barbarians.1982.Part1.nsv
Sword of the Barbarians.1982.Part2.nsv
Muppet Show.Harry Belafonte.nsv
Muppet Show.Dizzy Gillespie.nsv
Muppet Show.Raquel Welch.nsv
Captain Battle - Legacy War.2013.Part1.nsv
Captain Battle - Legacy War.2013.Part2.nsv
Conan The Destroyer.1984.Part1.nsv
Conan The Destroyer.1984.Part2.nsv
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.1974.Part1.nsv
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.1974.Part2.nsv
The Master.02.Out-Of-Time Step.nsv
The Master.04.Hostages.nsv
The Master.06.Fat Tuesday.nsv
Private Resort.1985.Part1.nsv
Private Resort.1985.Part2.nsv
Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold.1975.Part1.nsv
Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold.1975.Part2.nsv
Looney Toons.1940.Ghost Wanted.nsv
Looney Toons.1946.Hair-Raising Hare.nsv
Looney Toons.1952.Water Water Every Hare.nsv
Looney Toons.1954.Bewitched Bunny.nsv
Looney Toons.1963.Transylvania 6-5000.nsv
Bucky OHare.01.War of the Warts.nsv
Bucky OHare.02.A Fistful of Simoleans.nsv
Bucky OHare.03.The Good the Bad and the Warty.nsv
Bucky OHare.04.Home Swampy Home.nsv
Bucky OHare.05.On the Blue.nsv
Bucky OHare.06.The Kreation Konspiracy.nsv
Bucky OHare.07.The Komplex Caper.nsv
Bram Stokers Dracula.1992.Part1.nsv
Bram Stokers Dracula.1992.Part2.nsv
Bram Stokers Dracula.1992.Part3.nsv
Richard Pryor - Live In Concert.1979.Part1.nsv
Richard Pryor - Live In Concert.1979.Part2.nsv
Centurions.The Mummys Curse.nsv
Centurions.The Chameleons Sting.nsv
Centurions.Sand Doom.nsv
Iron Sky.2012.Part1.nsv
Iron Sky.2012.Part2.nsv
The Rock.1996.Part1.nsv
The Rock.1996.Part2.nsv
The Rock.1996.Part3.nsv
Never Too Young To Die.1986.Part1.nsv
Never Too Young To Die.1986.Part2.nsv
The Monkees.Dont Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth.nsv
The Monkees.Ive Got A Little Song Here.nsv
The Monkees.Monkee vs Machine.nsv
Beyond The Door.1974.Part1.nsv
Beyond The Door.1974.Part2.nsv
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.1985.Part1.nsv
Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.1985.Part2.nsv