Saturday, January 30, 2016

DGBS Weekends 1/30-1/31/16

Hey folks - back in action for this weekend. Got some new stuff encoded on my other machine, and got a full weekend for you that is 98% new to DGBS! Some weird stuff this weekend too. A big chunk of my recent files are still residing on the other machine, but I'll have some time this weekend to replace the power supply and check on everything, and we should be back in action full-time!

Tune in around 9:30 pm EST for the customary collection of dubious diversions, and stay all night for the weirdness!

The Adventures of Aquaman.Menace of the Black Manta.nsv
Iron Man TAS.And The Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead.nsv
The Impossibles.The Bubbler.nsv
Iron Man TAS.Rejoice I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer.nsv
The Adventures of Aquaman.The Fiery Invaders.nsv
Iron Man TAS.Data In Chaos Out.nsv
The Adventures of Aquaman.The Ice Dragon.nsv
Iron Man TAS.Silence My Companion Death My Destination.nsv
The Impossibles.Beamatron.nsv
Iron Man TAS.The Grim Reaper Wears A Teflon Coat.nsv
The Adventures of Aquaman.The Microscopic Monsters.nsv
Iron Man TAS.Enemy Without Enemy Within.nsv
The Adventures of Aquaman.War of the Water Worlds.nsv
Iron Man TAS.The Origin Of The Mandarin.nsv
The Impossibles.The Puzzler.nsv
Iron Man TAS.The Defection Of Hawkeye.nsv
The Adventures of Aquaman.The Volcanic Monster.nsv
Amazing Spider-Man - The Dragons Challenge.1978.nsv
Jason and the Argonauts.1963.Part 1.nsv
Jason and the Argonauts.1963.Part 2.nsv
Chicken Run.2000.Part1.nsv
Chicken Run.2000.Part2.nsv
E.S.P. Spy.1974.Part1.nsv
E.S.P. Spy.1974.Part2.nsv
Space Battleship Yamato.2010.Part1.nsv
Space Battleship Yamato.2010.Part2.nsv
Space Battleship Yamato.2010.Part3.nsv
Neil Diamond - BBC In Concert.1971.nsv
Femme Fontaine - Killer Babe For The CIA.1994.Part1.nsv
Femme Fontaine - Killer Babe For The CIA.1994.Part2.nsv
Bionic Ninja.1986.Part1.nsv
Bionic Ninja.1986.Part2.nsv
The Naked Witch.1964.nsv
The White Huntress.1954.Part1.nsv
The White Huntress.1954.Part2.nsv
Trinity And Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movies.1995.Part1.nsv
Trinity And Beyond - The Atomic Bomb Movies.1995.Part2.nsv
The Story Of Chinese Gods.1976.Part1.nsv
The Story Of Chinese Gods.1976.Part2.nsv

Sunday, January 24, 2016

DGBS Playlist 1/24/16-???

Hey folks... I'm back. Hope you enjoyed last night's special features. I was able to confirm that the FTP program wasn't ruining files, so I coded and uploaded some new stuff, and I have more on the way. The computer's power supply was failing, and that was causing the drive to fail intermittently, but I've got a new power supply on the way and I'll (hopefully) have enough time this week for a whole now weekend of good stuff!

In the meantime, enjoy this:

The Incredible Hulk.Enter Tyrannus.nsv
The Incredible Hulk.Hulk Vs Metal Master.nsv
The Incredible Hulk.Terror Of The T-Gun.nsv
Class Of Nukem High.1986.Part1.nsv
Class Of Nukem High.1986.Part2.nsv
Class Of Nuke Em High 2 - Subhumanoid Meltdown.1991.Part1.nsv
Class Of Nuke Em High 2 - Subhumanoid Meltdown.1991.Part2.nsv
EXOSquad.06.Target - Earth.nsv
EXOSquad.07.A Traitor Among Us.nsv
The Beyond.1981.Part1.nsv
The Beyond.1981.Part2.nsv
Dick Tracy.1990.Part1.nsv
Dick Tracy.1990.Part2.nsv
Dick Tracy.1990.Part3.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.05.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.06.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.08.nsv
The Mummy.1999.Part1.nsv
The Mummy.1999.Part2.nsv
The Mummy.1999.Part3.nsv
Centurions.Showdown At Skystalk.nsv
Centurions.The Chameleons Sting.nsv
Centurions.The Sky Is On Fire.nsv
Queen of Outer Space.1958.Part1.nsv
Queen of Outer Space.1958.Part2.nsv
Dead Man Dont Wear Plaid.1982.Part1.nsv
Dead Man Dont Wear Plaid.1982.Part2.nsv
Lust In the Dust.1985.Part1.nsv
Lust In the Dust.1985.Part2.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Night And The Nightman.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Primal Scream.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Prime Time.nsv
Blazing Saddles.1974.Part1.nsv
Blazing Saddles.1974.Part2.nsv
Eddie Izzard.Definite Article.Part1.nsv
Eddie Izzard.Definite Article.Part2.nsv
SCTV.Lunchtime Street Beef.Part1.nsv
SCTV.Lunchtime Street Beef.Part2.nsv
Kung Faux.Pimpstick.nsv
Kung Faux.Ill Master.nsv
Kung Faux.Queenie.nsv
Desert Warrior.1988.Part1.nsv
Desert Warrior.1988.Part2.nsv
Gamera - Super Monster.1980.Part1.nsv
Gamera - Super Monster.1980.Part2.nsv
Tales from the Cryptkeeper.Fare Tonight.nsv
Tales from the Cryptkeeper.The Weeping Woman.nsv
Tales from the Cryptkeeper.Uncle Harrys Horrible House of Horrors.nsv
Hot Shots.1991.Part1.nsv
Hot Shots.1991.Part2.nsv
Slapstick Of Another Kind.1982.Part1.nsv
Slapstick Of Another Kind.1982.Part2.nsv
Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai.1984.Part1.nsv
Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai.1984.Part2.nsv
Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai.1984.Part3.nsv

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

DGBS Playlist 1/5/16-???

Not sure when I'm going to be able to fix my computer issues. Still worried about the file upload program corrupting files, so for now we'll have to keep going with stuff already uploaded. I checked (most of) these files and it should be all working. The missing files from last week's playlist were uploaded to the station directory with 0 bytes, so the file name was there, but it contained nothing. So to fix it I just deleted everything that was 0 bytes from the directory. I can back up some stuff by simply dowloading stuff I've uploaded, or I could just re-encode it from the source files, still in my media archive.

In any case, I've got this playlist set up for at least a week, maybe more. It just depends on how long it takes me to find some time to tear the system apart and try to see if the drive is salvageable. Sorry about the long message with this, but it just kind of went that way :)

Here's our current playlist:

Star Trek TAS.One of our Planets is Missing.nsv
Star Trek TAS.The Lorelei Signal.nsv
Star Trek TAS.The Survivor.nsv
The Green Hornet.1974.Part1.nsv
The Green Hornet.1974.Part2.nsv
Voyage to the End of the Universe.1963.Part1.nsv
Voyage to the End of the Universe.1963.Part2.nsv
MASK.Caesars Sword.nsv
MASK.Cold Fever.nsv
MASK.Creeping Desert.nsv
Army Of Darkness.1993.Part1.nsv
Army Of Darkness.1993.Part2.nsv
Friday The 13th V.1985.Part1.nsv
Friday The 13th V.1985.Part2.nsv
Prince Namor The Submariner.04.Atlantis Under Attack.nsv
Prince Namor The Submariner.05.The Thing From Space.nsv
Justice League.The New Frontier.2008.Part1.nsv
Justice League.The New Frontier.2008.Part2.nsv
Spider-Man TAS.The Hobgoblin Pt 1.nsv
Spider-Man TAS.The Hobgoblin Pt 2.nsv
Our Man Flint.1965.Part1.nsv
Our Man Flint.1965.Part2.nsv
Our Man Flint.1965.Part3.nsv
Zone Troopers.1986.Part1.nsv
Zone Troopers.1986.Part2.nsv
League Of Gentlemen.s2e4.Death In Royston Vasey.nsv
League Of Gentlemen.s2e5.Anarchy In Royston Vasey.nsv
League Of Gentlemen.s2e6.Royston Vasey And The Monster From Hell.nsv
Monster Squad.1987.Part1.nsv
Monster Squad.1987.Part2.nsv
Fury of Hercules.1962.Part1.nsv
Fury of Hercules.1962.Part2.nsv
Yellow Submarine.1968.Part1.nsv
Yellow Submarine.1968.Part2.nsv
Puppets Who Kill.S01E02.Cuddles Gets Laid.nsv
Puppets Who Kill.S01E03.Dash the Greeter.nsv
Puppets Who Kill.S01E05.Cuddles Goes To Jail.nsv
Marx Brothers Horse Feathers.1932.Part1.nsv
Marx Brothers Horse Feathers.1932.Part2.nsv
Demon Wind.1990.Part1.nsv
Demon Wind.1990.Part2.nsv
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.1978.Part1.nsv
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.1978.Part2.nsv
The 36th Chamber Of Shaolin.1978.Part3.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.05.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.06.nsv
Hulk Hogans Rock N Wrestling.08.nsv
REBEL FORCE - Episode IV.Part1.nsv
REBEL FORCE - Episode IV.Part2.nsv
Rogue Riffers - Monster on the Campus.Part1.nsv
Rogue Riffers - Monster on the Campus.Part2.nsv
Garth Marenghis Darkplace.01.Once Upon A Beginning.nsv
Garth Marenghis Darkplace.03.Skipper The Eyechild.nsv
Garth Marenghis Darkplace.04.The Apes Of Wrath.nsv
The Expendables.2010.Part1.nsv
The Expendables.2010.Part2.nsv
Queen - Live At Wembley Stadium.1986.Part1.nsv
Queen - Live At Wembley Stadium.1986.Part2.nsv
The Highwayman.e04.Summer Of 45.nsv
The Highwayman.e06.Billionaire Body Club.nsv
A-Team.Children Of Jamestown.nsv
A-Team.Deadly Maneuvers.nsv
Cannibal The Musical.1996.Part1.nsv
Cannibal The Musical.1996.Part2.nsv