Sunday, October 19, 2014

The DGBS 4th Annual Halloween Marathon (Part 1)

Here we go guys... A little late to start, and I've broken it into parts. I simply underestimated the amount of time it would take of upload somewhere around 40 GB of horror movie titles. So this is most of what I have so far. This should play through at least twice this week, then I'll put on a short playlist for the weekend, then another one next week starting on Monday, then a final one for Halloween itself on Friday.

So sit back and enjoy! Have a Happy Halloween!

The Supernaturals.1986.Part1.nsv
The Supernaturals.1986.Part2.nsv
The Gate.1987.Part1.nsv
The Gate.1987.Part2.nsv
Rawhead Rex.1986.Part1.nsv
Rawhead Rex.1986.Part2.nsv
The Dunwich Horror.1970.Part1.nsv
The Dunwich Horror.1970.Part2.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part1.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part2.nsv
Silent Hill.2006.Part3.nsv
Deadtime Stories.1986.Part1.nsv
Deadtime Stories.1986.Part2.nsv
Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark.1973.Part1.nsv
Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark.1973.Part2.nsv
Graveyard Disturbance.1987.Part1.nsv
Graveyard Disturbance.1987.Part2.nsv
The Lost Boys.1987.Part1.nsv
The Lost Boys.1987.Part2.nsv
Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh.1990.Part1.nsv
Bloodsucking Pharaohs In Pittsburgh.1990.Part2.nsv
The Occultist.1987.Part1.nsv
The Occultist.1987.Part2.nsv
Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys.2004.Part1.nsv
Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys.2004.Part2.nsv
Dark Night Of The Scarecrow.1981.Part1.nsv
Dark Night Of The Scarecrow.1981.Part2.nsv
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.1974.Part1.nsv
The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires.1974.Part2.nsv
Transylvania Twist.1989.Part1.nsv
Transylvania Twist.1989.Part2.nsv
Mr Vampire.1985.Part1.nsv
Mr Vampire.1985.Part2.nsv
Dark Floors.2008.Part1.nsv
Dark Floors.2008.Part2.nsv
The Addams Family.1991.Part1.nsv
The Addams Family.1991.Part2.nsv
Monster Brawl.2011.Part1.nsv
Monster Brawl.2011.Part2.nsv
Trilogy Of Terror.1975.Part1.nsv
Trilogy Of Terror.1975.Part2.nsv
Tales Of The Third Dimension.1984.Part1.nsvTales Of The Third Dimension.1984.Part2.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part1.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part2.nsv
Pet Sematary.1998.Part3.nsv
Lemora - A Childs Tale Of The Supernatural.1973.Part1.nsv
Lemora - A Childs Tale Of The Supernatural.1973.Part2.nsv
Doctor Mordrid.1992.Part1.nsv
Doctor Mordrid.1992.Part2.nsv
Abominable Dr Phibes.1971.Part1.nsv
Abominable Dr Phibes.1971.Part2.nsv
Dr Phibes Rises Again.1972.Part1.nsv
Dr Phibes Rises Again.1972.Part2.nsv
976 Evil.1988.Part1.nsv
976 Evil.1988.Part2.nsv


E-Man said...

Oh man you've got a awesome playlist this week! I look forward to catching as many of these gems as possible :D Thanks DoughyGuy!

E-Man said...

Noooo! I don't know when the stream went down but I'll be checking in periodically anyway hoping you get it back up soon!

DoughyGuy said...

Sorry about that! For some reason Tales From The Darkside brought the station down.... Wooooo - Spooooooky!

Back up, with the offending movie removed.

E-Man said...

Aw man that's a good one lol

Unknown said...

I think you should use some fake commercials from "Saturday Night Live" among others. It might help you come up with a better schedule.