Saturday, October 15, 2011

DGBS Weekends 10/15-10/16/11

Hey folks - happy weekend... A mix of old and new stuff for you this weekend. I hope you enjoy it!

(Schedule repeats from appx 7:30AM EST)

  1. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 1.nsv
  2. Transformers.Quest For Survival.nsv
  3. Superfriends.The Case of the Shrinking Super Friends.nsv
  4. Superfriends.The Mask Of Mystery.nsv
  5. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 2.nsv
  6. Transformers.The Search for Alpha Trion.nsv
  7. Superfriends.The Bride of Darkseid.Part 1.nsv
  8. Superfriends.The Bride of Darkseid.Part 2.nsv
  9. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 3.nsv
  10. Transformers.The Girl Who Loved Powerglide.nsv
  11. Superfriends.The Wrath Of Brainiac.nsv
  12. Superfriends.The Village of Lost Souls.nsv
  13. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 4.nsv
  14. Transformers.Hoist Loves Hollywood.nsv
  15. Superfriends.Darkseids Golden Trap.Part 1.nsv
  16. Superfriends.Darkseids Golden Trap.Part 2.nsv
  17. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 5.nsv
  18. Transformers.Aerial Assault.nsv
  19. Superfriends.Mr Mxyzptlk and the Magic Lamp.nsv
  20. Superfriends.Uncle Mxyzptlk.nsv
  21. Rocky And Bullwinkle.Greenpernt Oogle.Part 6.nsv
  22. Transformers.War Dawn.nsv
  23. Time Bandits.1981.Part1.nsv
  24. Time Bandits.1981.Part2.nsv
  25. Time Bandits.1981.Part3.nsv
  26. At The Earths Core.1976.Part1.nsv
  27. At The Earths Core.1976.Part2.nsv
  28. Condorman.1981.Part1.nsv
  29. Condorman.1981.Part2.nsv
  30. Enter the Fat Dragon.1978.Part1.nsv
  31. Enter the Fat Dragon.1978.Part2.nsv
  32. Rush - Exit Stage Left.1982.Part1.nsv
  33. Rush - Exit Stage Left.1982.Part2.nsv
  34. Deadly Friend.1986.Part1.nsv
  35. Deadly Friend.1986.Part2.nsv
  36. Nothing Lasts Forever.1984.Part1.nsv
  37. Nothing Lasts Forever.1984.Part2.nsv
  38. Gunhed.1989.Part1.nsv
  39. Gunhed.1989.Part2.nsv
  40. Happy Birthday To Me.1981.Part1.nsv
  41. Happy Birthday To Me.1981.Part2.nsv
  42. Happy Birthday To Me.1981.Part3.nsv
  43. Wavelength.1983.Part1.nsv
  44. Wavelength.1983.Part2.nsv
  45. Teenagers Battle The Thing.1958.Part1.nsv
  46. Teenagers Battle The Thing.1958.Part2.nsv
  47. The Beast with a Million Eyes.1956.Part1.nsv
  48. The Beast with a Million Eyes.1956.Part2.nsv


josh said...

Thank You for Deadly friend!!!

josh said...

i have it on vhs -im a try vlc's record for digital copy--isp dis likes certain d-load methods