Saturday, October 10, 2015

DGBS - 5th Anniversary Special All-Night Marathon Of Pain

Good evening everyone! As promised, here's the special playlist for the rest of this weekend - some of the worst of the worst things ever featured here. If you don't see a "favorite" bad movie here, never fear, the DGBS Festival Of Turkeys is right around the corner, where I have a veritable feast of the worst movies I can find all Thanksgiving weekend.

But anyway, Halloween is next, and starting (late) Monday, we'll have our first installment, which I'll leave to play for a week, then move on to the next list. We'll start things out kind of slow, a few spooks and scares, some laughs, and some good stuff.

So, enjoy the Marathon Of Pain, and please stay tuned for the DGBS Halloween Marathon.

Microwave Massacre.1983.Part1.nsv
Microwave Massacre.1983.Part2.nsv
A Talking Cat.2013.Part1.nsv
A Talking Cat.2013.Part2.nsv
After Last Season.2009.Part1.nsv
After Last Season.2009.Part2.nsv
Cobra Thunderbolt.1984.Part1.nsv
Cobra Thunderbolt.1984.Part2.nsv
Freaky Farley.2007.Part1.nsv
Freaky Farley.2007.Part2.nsv
Bad Taste.1987.Part1.nsv
Bad Taste.1987.Part2.nsv
Birdemic 2 - The Resurrection.2013.Part1.nsv
Birdemic 2 - The Resurrection.2013.Part2.nsv
Dragonball The Magic Begins.1989.Part1.nsv
Dragonball The Magic Begins.1989.Part2.nsv
Alyas Batman En Robin.1991.Part1.nsv
Alyas Batman En Robin.1991.Part2.nsv
KISS - Attack Of The Phantoms.1978.Part1.nsv
KISS - Attack Of The Phantoms.1978.Part2.nsv
Lion Man.1975.Part1.nsv
Lion Man.1975.Part2.nsv
3 Dev Adam.1973.Part1.nsv
3 Dev Adam.1973.Part2.nsv
Bibleman -  Shattering The Prince Of Pride.2000.Part1.nsv
Bibleman -  Shattering The Prince Of Pride.2000.Part2.nsv
Attack Of The Supermonsters.1982.Part1.nsv
Attack Of The Supermonsters.1982.Part2.nsv
Brain 17.1982.Part1.nsv
Brain 17.1982.Part2.nsv
Fantastic Four.1994.Part1.nsv
Fantastic Four.1994.Part2.nsv

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