Monday, April 29, 2013

DGBS Playlist 4/29-5/3/13

Got a short playlist for this week, probably repeat a couple of times before the weekend in case you miss something. I should have a few new things this weekend for you, so enjoy!

The Last Starfighter.1984.Part1.nsv
The Last Starfighter.1984.Part2.nsv
John Pinette - I Say Nay Nay.2004.Part1.nsv
John Pinette - I Say Nay Nay.2004.Part2.nsv
Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.1988.Part1.nsv
Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama.1988.Part2.nsv
Justice League Unlimited.For the Man Who Has Everything.nsv
Justice League Unlimited.Kid Stuff.nsv
Justice League Unlimited.Chaos at the Earths Core.nsv
The Private Eyes.1980.Part1.nsv
The Private Eyes.1980.Part2.nsv
Great Muppet Caper.1981.Part1.nsv
Great Muppet Caper.1981.Part2.nsv
Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage.2010.Part1.nsv
Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage.2010.Part2.nsv
Rush - Beyond The Lighted Stage.2010.Part3.nsv
She-Ra.The Red Knight.nsv
She-Ra.The Sea Hawk.nsv
She-Ra.The Missing Ax.nsv
Drive-In Madness.1987.Part1.nsv
Drive-In Madness.1987.Part2.nsv
Master Of The Flying Guillotine.1976.Part1.nsv
Master Of The Flying Guillotine.1976.Part2.nsv
Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.Triumph Of The Green Goblin.nsv
Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.Sunfire.nsv
Spiderman and His Amazing Friends.The Crime Of All Centuries.nsv
Bubba Ho-Tep.2002.Part1.nsv
Bubba Ho-Tep.2002.Part2.nsv
Kentucky Fried Movie.1977.Part1.nsv
Kentucky Fried Movie.1977.Part2.nsv
The Devils Hand.1962.Part1.nsv
The Devils Hand.1962.Part2.nsv
Three Stooges.Punchy Cowpunchers.nsv
Three Stooges.False Alarms.nsv
Three Stooges.Fuelin Around.nsv
When A Stranger Calls.1979.Part1.nsv
When A Stranger Calls.1979.Part2.nsv
200 Motels.1971.Part1.nsv
200 Motels.1971.Part2.nsv
Jonny Quest.Calcutta Adventure.nsv
Jonny Quest.Dragons Of Ashida.nsv
Jonny Quest.Pursuit of the Po-Ho.nsv
Three Caballeros.1945.Part1.nsv
Three Caballeros.1945.Part2.nsv
Cheech And Chong.The Corsican Brothers.1984.Part1.nsv
Cheech And Chong.The Corsican Brothers.1984.Part2.nsv
Nightmare City.1980.Part1.nsv
Nightmare City.1980.Part2.nsv

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