Saturday, November 03, 2012

DGBS Weekend 11/3-11/4/12

Hey folks... I hope you enjoyed my selection of Halloween movies over the last week or so. I enjoyed picking them out!

Now, we're back to our normal routine here, and this weekend we have a healthy dose of new stuff mixed in with some older stuff. So, enjoy!

Ghost Crazy.1944.Part1.nsv
Ghost Crazy.1944.Part2.nsv
Freakazoid.A Matter Of Love.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Prime Time.nsv
Muppet Show.Don Knotts.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.The Stuff Of Heroes.nsv
Muppet Show.Rich Little.nsv
Freakazoid.Island of Dr Mystico.nsv
Muppet Show.George Burns.nsv
Freakazoid.Two Against Freak.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Wrack And Ruin.nsv
Muppet Show.Peter Sellers.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.Lord Pumpkins Pie.nsv
Muppet Show.John Cleese.nsv
ULTRAFORCE.You Cant Go Home Again.nsv
Robin Hood Men In Tights.1993.Part1.nsv
Robin Hood Men In Tights.1993.Part2.nsv
Robin Hood Men In Tights.1993.Part3.nsv
The Thing.1982.Part1.nsv
The Thing.1982.Part2.nsv
The Phantom.1996.Part1.nsv
The Phantom.1996.Part2.nsv
Dream Theater - Dark Side Of The Moon.nsv
Return Of The Killer Tomatoes.1988.Part1.nsv
Return Of The Killer Tomatoes.1988.Part2.nsv
Deadly Memories.2002.Part1.nsv
Deadly Memories.2002.Part2.nsv
Showdown At Area 51.2007.Part1.nsv
Showdown At Area 51.2007.Part2.nsv
Journey To The 7th Planet.1962.Part1.nsv
Journey To The 7th Planet.1962.Part2.nsv
Diamonds Are A Mans Best Friend.1966.Part1.nsv
Diamonds Are A Mans Best Friend.1966.Part2.nsv
Zombies Of Mora Tau.1956.Part1.nsv
Zombies Of Mora Tau.1956.Part2.nsv

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