Saturday, February 18, 2012

DGBS Weekends 2/18-2/19/12

OK, folks... Here we go! I've finally got enough stuff uploaded to the station to allow for a weekend full of stuff AND a weeks worth of varied programming. That's why I just let the weekend playlist keep going all week - I've been uploading VP3 content back onto the station, and also encoding some new stuff for this weekend. Starting Monday we'll be back to the regular schedule of irregular stuff, the way it's been for a while.

But, in the meantime this weekend we have some fun stuff, including the animated film The Secret Of NIMH (my previous version on the station was corrupted, so I re-encoded it), as well as a weird little comedy/horror movie called Hysterical, starring Richard Kiel. Also, just before midnight, we have a failed TV pilot movie about the goofiest superhero to come out of the 70's - EXOman! This is followed by a depressing little horror flick called Unhinged, and the truly bizarre Mexican kid's film Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters.


  1. Mazinger Z vs Dr Hell.nsv
  2. Thunderbirds.Pit Of Peril.nsv
  3. She-Ra.One To Count On.nsv
  4. Mazinger Z vs Ghost Mazinger.nsv
  5. Thunderbirds.The Perils Of Penelope.nsv
  6. She-Ra.Something Old Something New.nsv
  7. Mazinger Z vs Getter Robo.nsv
  8. Thunderbirds.30 Minutes After Noon.nsv
  9. She-Ra.The Perils Of Peekablue.nsv
  10. Mazinger Z vs Getter Robo G.nsv
  11. Thunderbirds.The Mighty Atom.nsv
  12. The Secret Of NIMH.1982.Part1.nsv
  13. The Secret Of NIMH.1982.Part2.nsv
  14. Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers.2006.Part1.nsv
  15. Ultraman Mebius and Ultra Brothers.2006.Part2.nsv
  16. The Villain.1979.Part1.nsv
  17. The Villain.1979.Part2.nsv
  18. Whats Up Tiger Lily.1966.Part1.nsv
  19. Whats Up Tiger Lily.1966.Part2.nsv
  20. Naked Space.1983.Part1.nsv
  21. Naked Space.1983.Part2.nsv
  22. Hysterical.1983.Part1.nsv
  23. Hysterical.1983.Part2.nsv
  24. Madame In Manhattan.1984.nsv
  25. Battle Of The Bombs.1985.Part1.nsv
  26. Battle Of The Bombs.1985.Part2.nsv
  27. EXOman.1977.Part1.nsv
  28. EXOman.1977.Part2.nsv
  29. Unhinged.1982.Part1.nsv
  30. Unhinged.1982.Part2.nsv
  31. Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters.1962.Part1.nsv
  32. Little Red Riding Hood And The Monsters.1962.Part2.nsv
  33. Spider Baby.1968.Part1.nsv
  34. Spider Baby.1968.Part2.nsv
  35. Monster On The Campus.1958.Part1.nsv
  36. Monster On The Campus.1958.Part2.nsv

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